Resort 2020


After Karl Lagerfeld’s passing, the fashion world was unsure of what would become of Chanel. After three decades of training, Virginie Viard presented her first full collection at the Grand Palais for Chanel Resort 2020.

Chanel always has the best show themes, and this one was no exception with a Beaux Arts-style train station theme. The idea was brought to life with a Saint Tropez platform complete with platforms and Le Riviera, an elegant train car cafe serving a light breakfast before the show started.

Victorian poplin blouses, relaxed wide-legged pants, longline candy colored tweed jackets and printed leggings were all staple pieces apart of Viard’s first collection. Brightly colored fingerless gloves were also included as a nod to Lagerfeld’s signature style.

As the first woman to lead the brand since Chanel herself, Virginie Viard’s collection feels as if it’s created for women by women: adapting to both her lifestyle and the trends.