Take the Risk

The new year is all about taking risks whether that’s in your attire or personal growth!

I wanted to take a risk in making these sequin biker shorts a fun daytime look. Paired with one of my favorite graphic tees and Harley moto jacket, I think I nailed the vision!

I even went out my comfort zone and went 32 inches for my hair! Now, I love me some inches, but I had never gone this long before. It’s so fun but such a task in maintenance! I’m already plotting on a haircut lol.

But, in all seriousness, I really hope everyone has a great new year! Everyone deserves all the happiness and success in the world.



Top: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: Pretty Little Thing x Hailey Baldwin

Jacket: Harley Davidson

Shoes: Just Fab

Purse: Louis Vuitton