Prepare for Liftoff

Today's a perf day to boss up!


I loveeeee jumpsuits! For this look, I wanted it to be Fall work friendly for my corporate fashionistas. I decided to add a Polo button down underneath to keep it in season and perfect for the office.

To pop it off, I added my favorite mini backpack, comfy sandal heels, Ruby Woo (best red from MAC) and a little bling bling 

Side note: This jumpsuit was wayyyy too long when I purchased it, but I was being too cheap to get it altered. So, I did a little DIY tailoring. As you can see in the photos, I have the bottoms of each pant leg tied in a knot (very simple like how you tie plastic bags). I thought the knots gave it a cool, futuristic vibe, so I might keep it like this for the long haul. Trendy doesn’t always have to mean expensive!

Jumpsuit: Fab'rik

Top: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Backpack: Nordstrom Rack

Necklace: Francesca's