Black Barbie

Life in plastic - it's fantastic! 


I think that every little girl loved Barbie at some point in their lives. You could dress her up, change her hairstyle and imagine her life to be however you wanted. Now that I’ve graduated undergrad and entered the “real world”, I think that’s the best part about adulting – you have the choice to do whatever you want in life.

So, I decided to channel Barbie for this look. Why not be a Barbie? Not just because of her perfect, unattainable looks but because she was a go-getter. She had about every single job on the planet plus the benefits of a huge mansion, all the cute cars and fine Ken (lol!). I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m trying to do everything in life that I’ve ever wanted to do. So to all my people out here chasing your dreams especially my fellow girl bosses, let’s get it. Anywhoooooo all pink was necessary of course, but I traded in the mini skirt for boyfriend jeans! 

Coat: J. Crew

Sweater: Chico's

Jeans: Pacsun

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson

Purse: Louis Vuitton

Watch: Marc Jacobs