Everything's Gucci

Don't get lost in the sauce.


So, I’m a vest addict. Even during the summer, I was always the person to throw a vest on a simple outfit to dress it up. (Side note: Check out my leather in hot weather look that I posted this summer) So now that it’s Fall, I am so happy that no one is looking at me crazy and asking, “Aren’t you hot in that vest?” lol! I know I’m not the only person who just deals with being hot to be cute..

Anyway.. olive, white and brown have been my FAVORITE colors for this Fall! Ya’ll are gonna die when I tell ya’ll where I found these suede leggings.. Abercrombie Kids! Yes, for all the small girls like me, check out Abercrombie Kids. They pretty much have the same styles as Abercrombie & Fitch but for a cheaper price. I was a little mad when I figured out I could still fit 13/14’s and 15/16’s since I’ve been on this ‘get thick’ campaign, but then my wallet and I got over it lol.

Lastly, adding this super cute clutch and my favorite Gucci sneakers to this look were definitely a must! Ya’ll know I love me some labels.

Sweater: Chico's

Pants: Abercrombie KIds

Vest: 2 Chez Boutique

Sneakers: Gucci

Clutch: Francesca's

Watch: Michael Kors