A New Era


If you miss Marc by Marc Jacobs, this is the news you’ve been waiting for!!

Marc Jacobs just announced that he will launch a new label called “The Marc Jacobs” which will be offered at an affordable price point. Not much has been released about the new line other than its planned debut for pre-Fall 2019.

Interesting enough.. “The Marc Jacobs” comes at a crucial time for Marc and his standing in the fashion industry. His brand has been struggling with sales, the closing of stores and even rumors that he would leave his own label. Can this brand save Marc Jacobs?

Although we’re not sure what it will look like, I’m sure we can expect typical Marc - rugby striped sweaters, corduroy flares and statement accessories. Marc Jacobs has also hired Lotta Volkova, a famous Russian stylist whom has worked with Vetements and Balenciaga, so we’re definitely in for a treat!