Sole Mates


For those that have ever watched Sex & the City, I think we can all agree that the show was just as much about fashion as it was about love, sex and friendship, particularly with one designer, Manolo Blahnik!

Throughout the show, Carrie Bradshaw dropped over $40,000 on Manolo’s infamous heels. I feel like every monumental episode had a reference to Manolos! She even clung onto them while being robbed at gunpoint during an episode lol! Sex & the City watchers easily correlated Carrie with Manolos. You basically assumed that every cute pair of shoes she wore in the show were Manolos! Lol

Before the show, Manolo Blahnik was doing well for himself, dripping icons like Bianca Jagger, Tina Chow, Grace Coddington and Princess Diana in his gorgeous shoe designs. But, this success couldn’t possibly prepare him for the rush of buyers that flooded his stores influenced by Carrie Bradshaw. By 2000, 30,000 pairs of Manolos were being sold yearly at Neiman Marcus alone.

Nearly 18 years later, Manolo Blahnik is seen as the greatest shoemaker of the 20th century and was recently awarded the Luxury Legend Award! He has even collaborated with top-charters like Rihanna and Vetements. I’m still trying to get my hands on anything from the Denim Desserts collection!

Although Sex & the City has ended (dreams crushed of a 3rd movie), our chic spirit animal Sarah Jessica Parker has started her own shoe company entitled SJP. Super cute and affordable and so her!!

Ahhhhh cheers to more shoes!