Need A Jumpstart?


I’ve been so stressed lately with work, blogging, personal biz, etc. that I hadn’t taken any time off for myself to just chill and be in my own space. I was in dire need of a jumpstart!! I’ve taken the weekend off (still shipping out Poshmark orders though!), put my phone on do not disturb and am binge watching 90 Day Fiance lol! I’m obsessed and it feels amazing. When you need that time off, take it!!

So what’s my ultimate cozy fit? A jumpsuit duh.

I love the oversized fit / mechanic vibes of this Madewell one and paired with my fav snakeskin heels and waist bag - light but heavy.



Jumpsuit: Madewell

Shoes: Calvin Klein

Fanny: Tory Burch

Sunnies: Gucci