Blackface For Sale


Last week, Gucci stopped selling its $890 balaclava black-knit women’s sweater after receiving backlash that it resembled blackface. All black in color, the sweater could be pulled up over the lower half of the wearer’s face with bright red lips as a cut out for the mouth. If you know anything about blackface, you immediately see the reference. It’s very disheartening that a global brand who has not only profited off black culture but is supported by black people would release such a design. But, sadly, not shocking at all.

Gucci has since released a statement saying it “deeply apologizes for the offense caused”. Hmm..

In response, celebrities like Spike Lee and T.I. have called for a boycott of the Italian brand.

Spike Lee said he will no longer wear Gucci or Prada until the brands “hire some black designers” because “it’s obvious they don’t have a clue when it comes to racist, blackface hateful imagery”.

T.I., a longtime supporter of Gucci and whom reportedly spends tens of thousands of dollars a year on their products, says that an apology isn’t enough. “If we stop buying anything, they must correct any and all of our concerns. That’s the only way we can get some respect put on our name”.

I totally agree with the Gucci boycott. These high fashion brands need to respect their customer base. We live in a continuous cycle of disrespect as black people, and it seems like we’re just supposed to roll over and take it as these gigantic brands quickly apologize and sweep it under the rug. It’s unacceptable and would never happen to white people.

History cannot continue to repeat itself. Black America deserves better, and we demand better!