Get In Your Bag


A Hermes Birkin bag is not your average, designer handbag. Birkins are known for their superior, handmade craftsmanship, hefty price tag and exclusivity.

It takes about 20 hours to make just one Birkin, and they’re made by only one highly skilled and trained professional. Standard models start around $12,000 and can go up to $300,000 depending on the style and rareness. Hermes refuses to publicly release the number of Birkins manufactured per year and limits the supply to an elite group of clients. You can’t just walk into a Hermes boutique and purchase a Birkin. You must be placed on a waiting list, and even then, your chances of getting one are dependent on your relationship with the brand. (The more you spend, the higher your chances will be). Due to the mystique and exclusivity surrounding the handbag, Hermes Birkins are actually a better investment than stocks or gold! They increase in value by 14.2% on average each year.

Birkins were named after Jane Birkin, a French style icon. The idea of the bag came about in 1981 during an encounter on a plane between Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the late chief executive of Hermes. Jane Birkin dropped her handbag, spilling all its contents everywhere, and it gave the French brand’s executive an idea to create a bag for the “jet-setting woman” with too much to carry.

Although Hermes was a popular brand, the Birkin was not an overnight success. Chanel dominated the luxury handbag market in the 80’s so competing with their effortless marketing was quite a challenge. The Birkin bag became forever known as the ultimate status symbol during the early 2000’s in an episode of Sex and the City. After the episode aired, the waiting list for a Birkin tripled and it’s been the most coveted bag ever since.

Over the years, the luxury brand has maintained the handbag’s reputation as one of the world’s most desirable and unobtainable pieces. Its success is dependent on the perception of its prestige. Hermes doesn’t even use any online or print media to market the Birkin. Just seeing it on the arm of your favorite influencer makes it sell itself.

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