Black Barbie


Meet Anok Yai!


Anok Yai's modeling career immediately took off after this photo of her taken at Howard University's Yardfest went viral!

She's already been making history - as the first black model to open a Prada runway show in 20 years since Naomi Campbell and now the new global ambassador for world-renowned beauty company, Estee Lauder. 

"The day after the Prada show I got an interview question about being the second black woman to ever open the show. I was shocked. This issue is very important to me, because even though the fashion industry is making strides in terms of diversity, if you compare the white models to the black models, there's still a huge difference. There's a lot of weight on our shoulders and we have to represent for every young black girl who is looking up to us.", said Anok Yai. 

Anok is absolutely right.. Growing up, the only two black models that I remember seeing are Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. Two compared to the hundreds of white models that flood the industry. The industry is slowly changing, but I hope that my nieces and all the other little black girls are able to see better representation of women that look like them.