Cop This


Have ya'll ever seen the show Bait Car? I don't even think it comes on anymore but in a nutshell, the police would stage scenes with "bait cars" in underprivileged aka predominately black areas to test if anyone would attempt to steal the cars. Now, it seems as though they've moved on to "bait trucks" in which they leave trucks full of sneakers and other goods to see if anyone will try and steal them! 

The bait truck was left near 59th Place and Princeton Avenue in Englewood. I've never been to Chicago so I wasn't familiar with the area, but after research, I came to learn that over 60% of the people in this area earn less than $25,000 a year. Now how does putting a bait truck in this area help deal with the city's issues? 

"You don't bait people. You bait animals. Are you calling us animals?", said Charles Mckenzie, an anti-violence activist

In response to videos of these bait trucks going viral in Chicago, rapper Vic Mensa and his SaveMoneySaveLife foundation teamed up with model Anwar Hadid to create an "Anti-Bait Truck" event.

"The policing effort was an effort to "lure and arrest impoverished and underprivileged men, women and children that might stumble upon the truck and try to take them", said SaveMoneySaveLife

On Sunday, August 26th, dozens of volunteers passed out thousands of free sneakers, from brands including Nike, Puma, Adidas, and Converse, in a low-income South Side community. This event was for EVERYONE with sizes ranging from toddler to adult. "Anti-Bait Truck" even included barbers and stylists offering free haircuts! According to SaveMoneySaveLife, large donations were made from multiple athletes and musicians as far as Germany, China, and Australia whom asked to remain anonymous.  

It's sad to see the lengths that our justice system will go to incarcerate a black individual. But, it's also amazing to see what we can do to save our communities when we work together. Since this event, Norfolk Southern Railway has apologized and dropped charges against three people that were arrested during the bait truck stings.