Lebron Gives Back


I've always believed that when you get on, you most definitely need to give back to your community. Lebron James did just that and more with the I Promise School.

Founded in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, the I Promise School is an unique public school - made possible through Akron Public Schools and Lebron's foundation. It has an accelerated curriculum built into an eight hour school day, a support circle for students, free breakfast and lunch, STEM based summer camps, and GED courses and job opportunities for parents, just to name a few benefits. If a student successfully completes the program and graduates from high school, James will cover their full tuition at the University of Akron, the local public college. 

Lebron James knows what it's like to be an at-risk student, having missed 83 days of school during his fourth grade year. He credits his mentors for helping him get back on track which prompted him to do the same for third and fourth graders in his hometown. He plans to add more grades each year until the I Promise School houses first through eighth grade in 2022! 

"I don't have a ceiling to how much I can improve my game. And we as a foundation don't have a ceiling on how much we can improve our community, to a point where we have a school."