Girls Trip


So I went to Vegas for the first time for my bestie's 23rd birthday! It was such a fun girls trip and would definitely recommend to all girl gangs out there! I'm not going to go into super detail about our trip because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (lol) but here's some quick do's and don'ts for the first-timers! 


Prepare for the sun. It was BLAZING out there on the strip. Literally felt like over a 100 degrees so make sure to hydrate, bring sunscreen and dress accordingly. 

Stay on budget! It will be so easy to spend all your money in Vegas whether that's on shopping, food, liquor, gambling or a mixture of everything. So, try to find deals where you can on Groupon, discount ticket booths or through promoters on the strip (safely of course).  


Bring a large purse. You'll do a lot of walking on the strip and nothing will be more annoying than having to carry around a huge bag. Something small and cute like a crossbody or clutch will do just fine! 

Forget your ID. You will not be able to get into anything if you forget/lose your ID or only have a temporary one. I lost my ID right before Vegas and only had a GA temporary one and it was an absolute nightmare trying to get into places. I even had a hard time getting into the 21+ pool at our hotel!