Everyday We Lit

I brought in the weekend with my good friends by going to a Lucci concert. Two words: A MESS. 

The concert started at 8pm. Lucci didn't hit the stage until after 11, after boos and numerous people walking out. His opening acts were mostly dudes from his YFN crew that had the same beats and rap style as him. BO-RING! Opening acts are usually a great way to learn about new artists, but in this case, they were literally just space fillers. 

When Lucci finally hit the stage, he brought out Atlanta favorites such as Skooly, Trouble and 2Chainz. Everyone knows I love me some Tity Boi so I was pretty hype for that. Everything was going great until.... Lucci decided to throw his $2,000 Gucci jacket into the crowd TWICE! Both times incited brawls that sucked you in even when you were trying to run away from it. At that moment, I knew this concert wasn't for me and I was ready to go lol.