Kylie Skin


On May 22nd, Kylie Jenner revealed her newest business venture, Kylie Skin. Her first drop included six products: a foaming face wash, vitamin c serum, walnut face scrub, eye cream, vanilla milky toner and face cream. It sold out in 6 minutes.

Just a few weeks later, Kylie has restocked and released new products: make-up face wipes and a travel bag. These sold out in a matter of 4 minutes.

The world’s youngest billionaire is definitely capitalizing off her huge social media following and expertise in the beauty industry!

There was a little controversy around the walnut face scrub since walnut is an abrasive natural exfoliant which could potentially do more harm than good. It can essentially create micro tears in the skin. But, the beauty mogul insists that the scrub is gentle enough to use multiple times a week.

Whatever the case, the products are flying off the shelves! Do you plan on trying them?