The Dover Street Parfums Market


Rei Kawakubo, the mastermind behind Comme des Garcons, has opened a new Dover Street Market dedicated solely to cosmetics and fragrance. To celebrate this newest accomplishment, she has also launched a limited-edition collection with MAC Cosmetics!

Located in Paris, the Dover Street Parfums Market will house well-known names, young labels, sustainable brands, and special features such as: Gucci’s makeup line and Alchemist’s Garden fragrance collection!

The shop will not have much visual merchandising; Kawakubo plans on presenting customers with a ‘blank slate’ - basically just the products without any decoration or display materials.

To celebrate the shop’s opening, a Comme des Garcons x MAC popup was staged at the store. Their collaborative capsule is a seven piece tattoo inspired makeup collection. Aligning with Kawakubo’s interests in finding innovative ways to express simple narratives, the designer wanted to pay homage to the transformative power of tattoos and their artistic story telling. The set’s color palette is centered around black with teal and navy accents to evoke the fading of black tattoo ink on the skin! This collection will be housed at the Dover Street Parfums Market until October 13th!