SUPAD Cosmetics


Funny story on how I found out about SupaD cosmetics..

This baddie would always shop with me and I would always compliment her on her makeup specifically her lipstick. Then one day, she was like girl, I have my own lipstick brand - just tell me what colors you want. I love finding out about new products like this because it's genuine! I hate to see people just buy products solely off the name or who's endorsing it. Don't you miss the good ol days of finding out things through word of mouth?

My first lipstick choice from SUPAD was this gorgeous green called "Kay Everyday". It's the perfect matte and lasts all day! I was a little nervous at first since it's my first green lipstick but it goes so well with all my wigs (lol) and my skin tone! For only $15.50, you can get the look too ;)