Cocoa Loco


The crazy thing about this picture is that it does the lip stick NO justice. It’s amazing to say the least – so shiny and shimmery all day. I purchased the lip kit from To Be Golden which was only $20, ladies! She has so many different shades which would be perfect for any skin tone. I decided to start off safe with the ‘Cocoa’ shade because I didn’t really have any brown/nude lipsticks that i was super fond of.

The lip kit includes three things: a glue-type lip gloss, the actual glitter and an applicator. Nothing additional is needed! It was super easy to apply – I just followed the three steps on the directions. I was shocked that the glitter did last the entire day. I went to work, school, ate, drank and it was still shimmering at the end of the day.

The really cool thing about the ‘Cocoa’ lip color is that it shimmers differently from day to night. During the day time, it’s a very glittery brown. But, at night, the purple, silver and pink undertones of the glitter are way more noticeable. So, this color and I’m sure any of the other colors would be perfect for a night out!

The only thing I wasn’t very fond of was that it made my lips feel really dry, but that could’ve been my fault because I didn’t put that much lip balm on prior to putting on the glitter. Lastly, it was super easy to remove. On the directions, it says to remove with a makeup wipe, but I wanted to see if it would remove with just water and…. IT DID! So, on those lazy nights (I know every girl knows about these lol), water will still do the trick! But, in all, I will definitely be ordering more colors from To Be Golden!