Fenty Beauty


I'm just going to focus on the one product I swear by - the Shimmer Skinstick. I've heard a million negative reviews lol; most being that people try applying it directly to their face and hate how it applies. 

Personally, I use a highlighter brush to apply the shimmer skinstick. But, also dabbing it onto your face gets the job done! This way - you can dictate the amount of pressure = amount of highlight you're applying. 

The shimmer skinstick literally shimmers ALL day and is the perfect size for on the go. My favorite colors are Blonde, Unicorn, and Ridiic! They're so vibrant and show easily without having to apply too much. I even use them without having a full face of makeup (foundation, concealer, etc.) plus, The shimmer skinsticks have the perfect dry finish and are lightweight which is perf for anyone with oily skin!